How to sell products on Amazon?

When you are starting a new company, you always want your products to get to the market and reach as many potential customers as possible. Amazon has made that possible because, with an influx of over 80000 new commodities in the market daily, it has proven to be the choice for many people.

Studies show in the next two years Amazon will be reaching over $100 billion in yearly sales. Over 40 percent of the amount will be attributed to third party sellers. It means therefore that $40 billion will be going to independent merchants. This is an opportunity that you would not with to let go because the merchants pocket the most money, even though Amazon is the largest retailer in the US.

Selling your products online on Amazon is one of the easiest and effective ways to reach millions of prospective buyers. Whether you are a startup with few units to sell or an established enterprise with many units to sell, Amazon provides a level playing field for all players in the market. The site has the required tools that will help you sell successfully.

What you need before you can start selling

You need to start by registering an amazon seller account. Some of the documents that you will need to complete the registration include:
• Credit card
• Company registration details
• Phone number
• Primary Contact person information
• Bank account information
• Beneficiary owner information

Once you have registered the account, starting to sell on Amazon is not as complex as many would imagine. Some of the steps that will help you start out include:

• You must first figure out how many units of products you intend to sell.
• When you already know the number of units, you will need to connect with GSI, which is an organization that offers companies barcodes, to get EPC barcode or UAN.
• Once you have the EPC barcode and you will needs the SKU (self-created stock keep unit) which will help you monitor your inventory.
• After that, you can proceed to choose the Amazon category that fits your product description.
• Ensure you meet the requirements such as photos that go with your listing on the website. At this stage, you will need to provide a brief company and product description and the distinguishing features that the product is made of such as material. Also, offer information on dimensions, weight, shipping modalities on international and domestic locations. You must also state if you need Amazon to handle the shipping logistics.

Uploading your listings

Once you have registered and you are ready to begin selling, then you need to use the web-based tools to upload your product listings. You must state if you need Amazon to pack, and ship your products to the customer as well as offering customer services to customers in their local market language.

Listing your products allows millions of people around the world to see your products. Besides, if you make your listings open to Fulfilled by Amazon, the products become eligible to free and fast delivery options and more visibility. The FBA features help products get more sales because they enable them to compete for Buy box.

The importance of selling your products by Amazon is that when an order is placed on your products, Amazon informs you via email and on your central seller dashboard. The fulfillment takes care of picking, storage, packing and shipping and you have the option of delivering the goods yourself.

Receiving your payments

The net of seller’s fees is what is deposited in the bank of the owners account. You will also receive notification once payment is sent to your bank account.

The reason Amazon is the king of e-commerce sites around the world

Amazon is the leader of electronic commerce sites. Most of the people that want to buy will always navigate to Amazon to get products. As a seller, you stand to benefit so much if use Amazon as your e-commerce platform. Many people think that switching from owning products to selling them on Amazon is such a difficult task.

The site makes it easier for people to sell through their fulfillment program. At a small fee, Amazon will handle the customer care, shipping costs, and payment modalities. Amazon makes the life for the merchant easier and convenient because you can sell without the hassle of how the product will reach your customer.

If you are looking for a place with traffic that you can sell your products, Amazon is the site for you, it has over 200 million products with over 175 million visitors per month. Did you know on Cyber Monday alone there were 16 million items that were sold by third party sellers? Studies show that Amazon is not slowing down anytime soon because more people around the world are embracing online selling and it is their e-commerce of choice.

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