How to generate more Reviews on your Amazon Products?

Shopping trends have changed a lot over the past years. Many more people have taken to online shopping than ever before. This is informed by the increasingly busy modern lifestyles. Online shopping not only saves time, but also effort. However, the tricky part is knowing the worth of what one intends to buy. This is where reviews come in handy. Most only shoppers go through product reviews before making a final purchase decision. Hence the reason why as a seller you should manage your product reviews with utmost care. Knowing how vital they are, it is also prudent to learn how to generate them in order to stay on top of your game. Unfortunately, very few customers post reviews after using a product. Hence the reason why you should come up with ingenious ways of generating your product reviews.

Set Up an Email Campaign

One way of generating reviews is setting up an email campaign. The campaign keeps tabs on the customer from the time they make their purchase to the time they use the product and have an idea of how good it is. However, the campaign is not supposed to intrude and interfere with the private life of the shopper. It is only meant to influence the customer to get back and give a review of the product. Thus, implementation of the campaign should be systematic and and strategic. Not only will you see a surge in reviews, the communication channels opened up also help prevent negative reviews.

The Approach

Applying the email strategy needs caution, lest you become bothersome and intrusive to shoppers. Send only two to three emails per product purchase. Sending more emails than these may appear disrespectful, and the shopper may in turn choose to ignore them, especially when he feels they are a nuisance. So, how strategically do you send the emails?

Send Email 2 Days After Delivery

Let your first email be a plain customer service email. Send it a few days after delivery of the goods. Acknowledge their purchase of the product and inquire whether it was delivered on time and in one piece. Find out whether it is in good working condition. At this point, it is prudent not to ask for any reviews yet. Chances are they are yet to use the product.

Send Email 2 After The Shopper Has Used the Product

Give the customer a few more days to use the product before sending a follow up email. The length of time given depends on the nature and category of the product. By sending this email, you assume that the customer has used and evaluated the product. He should therefore be able to give honest, unbiased feedback about it.

Sending a third email maybe necessary or unnecessary depending on the response you get from the first two emails. So, use your discretion and creativity to decide whether to send one more email or to stop the campaign for this specific product and customer at this point.

The final step: Monitor feedbacks

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