Amazon: Does Keyword Density have an impact on rankings?

With the internet becoming the dominant platform for buying and selling, people are looking for ways to ensure that they rank highly on the major e-commerce sites. This article will look if keyword stuffing improves your rankings on Amazon. Experiments were carried out to analyze the impact of different keyword ratios on Amazon ranking algorithm. Various experiments have been conducted with keywords placed on different Amazon listing.

Keyword Density

The keywords were placed at the bulletin points, product title, seller central search terms, and product description. Several groups of products were created for the experiment with each group consisting of four products with a specific keyword. The keyword was after that entered one to four times in different keyword fields as listed above and the other things remaining equal about the product. The search query was then done on the different products and rankings checked.

The results of the experiment showed no systematic relationship that existed between the ranking of the product and keyword density. It seemed ranking was not affected by the keywords on Amazon instead it is determined randomly for identical products with a specific keyword.

Insights from the experiment for Amazon Optimization

  • Rankings on Amazon is not improved or affected by repeating keywords in the different keyword fields.
  • Amazon algorithm does not punish repetition of keywords

Since you have realized that repeating same keywords does not improve your rankings on Amazon, it is better that you do not waste the space but instead, find many other unique, relevant keywords that would ensure that the product is highly listed with as many search terms. Make sure you put the important keyword in the title, bullets, description, and search terms.

Don’t Forget Google

While repeating keywords are not effective on Amazon searches, it remains an effective method for higher ranking on SEO. It means it is useful repeating the keywords when writing product description. Remember that Keyword repetition does not mean keyword stuffing. This is because a well-written product description with keywords would enhance rankings on the major search engines and there is enough space for more keyword, unlike the other keyword field that has limited space.

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