Amazon: How to React to Negative Product Reviews

Positive product reviews and ratings is what drives sales of a product. The more they are, the more popular with buyers the product becomes. However, it is not always wise to focus much on the positives and forget that sometimes the tide turns. A single negative review and rating can go a long way in dragging down sales of a product. Most users visit the negative reviews to check for any issues they may have to handle while using the product. No seller would love to encounter such serious decrease in sales due to negative reviews and ratings. Perhaps knowing how to handle them could help tone down the effects of negative reviews and ratings.

Contact Customer to Revisit Their Review

This is probably the best option to deal with negative reviews. Try to convince the customer to revisit and review their comments retrospectively. The idea is to have the customer either delete the review altogether or revise it so the damage is controlled. At best, the customer revises the review so that it is positive. In this case you don’t have to worry about losing your vital review. At worst, the customer withdraws the review altogether. In this scenerio, you lose the review, but remember you lose its negative effect as well.

Contact Amazon to Remove the Negative Review

Here, the only possible option is the removal of the review. There is always that bad feeling associated with losing your review count, but you always lose its negative effect as well, which augurs well for you. It should be noted here that Amazon can only remove a review that doesn’t comply with its review guidelines.

Comment on the Review Publicly

If it isn’t possible to contact the customer to revisit and revise or remove the negative review, or if you can’t find good reason enough to convince Amazon to remove it, this option remains to be exploited. Publicly commenting on the criticism can help mitigate the effects of the review. The review is not removed, so its negative effect remains, but your response can help neutralize the effect or tone it down. You can do this by assuring the public that you have taken measures to ensure that such an issue never arises again.

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