5 ways to Rank better on Amazon

Amazon is a very powerful engine to rank in. In fact, it is better than Google in various aspects. No wonder the number of people who search for products on Amazon are three times more than those who search on Google. However, many emarketers are ignorant of the Amazon Algorithm. Hence the reason why they don’t realize desired results. Understanding how Amazon ranks goes a long way in helping you rise in the ranks and perform better. These five ways will open your eyes on how to rank better on Amazon so you are not frustrated again.

1. Pay attention to your product title

One of the key Amazon ranking factors is the Tile. Your approach to the title goes a long way in catapulting your product to the top.

While in Google the title has to be standardized, with the keyword appearing as close to the beginning as possible, on Amazon all you have to do is ensure that you stuff as many keywords in the title as possible. This is much simpler and easily doable. As a consequence, you may find a high ranking product on Amazon with a title that hardly makes sense!

However, from a visitor’s perspective, having an overoptimized title stuffed with keywords will give a bad impression and thus have a negative impact on your sales. Sooner than later, Amazon will begin to standardize titles.

Therefore, write a title that sells, but never forget that keywords are important.

2. Product Description

When it comes to the product description page, Amazon gives you full control. You are in charge here. Your approach to this page is very crucial to your ranking. Note that Amazon does not require you to optimize the description with the keyword. It is at your discretion to do so.

It is good to be as detailed as possible. Remember, this is where you expand on the bulleted points about the product. You may add product images and captions, and even capture extra tech information not captured in the tech specifications. How should your description look like? Make it simple, yet detailed, inviting, thorough and easy to skim.

3. Price

Pricing is a very vital factor to consider when ranking in Amazon. But why so? Because it is among the factors Amazon considers when determining the predicted conversion rate. Amazon understands pretty well that most customers go for best deals. One more reason why the price factor is important is because Amazon considers it as a key factor in deciding which product is to be shown in the buy box. The buy box is a component of the page with the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

4. Customer Reviews

The A9 Algorithm of Amazon considers customer reviews as one of the most important ranking factors. The effects of customer reviews are two-fold: First, it is about the numbers, and second, the nature of the reviews. The more reviews your product gets, the more it is likely to rank higher. However, the second comes into play regarding the overall effect of reviews on ranking. How positive are the reviews? You could have many reviews, but if there are more negative than positive reviews, expect it to affect your ranking negatively. If most or all of your reviews are positive, you will smile as Amazon props you upwards.

5. Product Categories

This may have been overlooked by many, but it is very important. Remember that once a customer has entered a given category, Amazon restricts all the other searches they perform by default to the same category. This will go on until the customer either returns to the homepage or prompts Amazon to show all departments. This implies that you have to take your product listing very seriously. Choose the most relevant and most narrow category for your product.

With this tips, you should now be better positioned to rank higher in Amazon and reap greater benefits. Avoid ignorance and complacency when it comes to ranking on Amazon. Any ranking factor you ignore is bound to affect your performance drastically. So, be on top of your game.

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